SEVEN OCEAN Video Measuring Machine
SEVEN OCEAN Video Measuring Machine VIDEO MEASURING MACHINE Penang, Malaysia, Perai Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Baltech Gaging Systems Sdn Bhd Seven Ocean (Gm7060)
Accura 6/ Accura IA / Accura IIIA / Gm7060. Product Type£ºAutomatic Measuring Product Description£º The Accura image measuring instrument adopt international advanced fully enclosed structure design, dust pollution prevention, ensure workshop of high precision application environment. Product features: Seven Ocean’s patented real-time image measuring navigation system, real-time navigation, real-time control of the current measurement location; Seven Ocean’s patented three-dimensional lighting system; Industry leading pro EF series imaging software owned by Seven Ocean; Space surface compensation to guarantee the machine precision; Mouse-controlled CNC functions: automatic focus, automatic measurement, automatic edge, automatic light adjustment, automatic switch ratio; Programmable eight quadrants, 16 channel LED lamp source and parallel to the contour of cold light source.

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