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Model: MP-20              Category: 20W Laser Power                
Height:25cm                 Width:45cm                               Weigth: 26Kg

MP-20MOPA laser marking machine is a new generation of laser marking machine system developed by our company using the advanced laser technology in the world today. 
The fiber-optic MOPA laser is used to output the laser, and then the high-speed scanning galvanometer system is used to realize the marking function. Fiber laser marking machine has high mechanical and electrical conversion efficiency, adopts air cooling method, compact size, good output beam quality and high reliability. It can be engraved with metallic materials and some non-metallic materials. The fiber laser uses an integrated overall structure, which has no optical pollution and power coupling and loss, air cooling, high efficiency, long life and low maintenance.

Laser Marking Parameter
Laser : adopting metal RF source of access laser from USA
Adjustable Frequency: 1KHZ-100KHZ
Average Output Power: 30W
Laser Wavelength: 1064nm

Galvanometer Parameter
Max.Processing Speed :7000mm/s
Repositioning accuracy:0.003mm
Best Resolution:0.001mm

Optical Output Characteristics
Source of Marking: F=100mm, 110x110mm
Height of Minimum Character:0.25mm
Minimum Line Width:0.015mm

System Property
System Power Supply: 200W/AC220V/50HZ
Lift Distance: 400mm
Working Environment: Temp~00C-500C,Humidity: 5%-90%


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