Desktop UV Laser Marking Machine
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Model: UV-03                           Type: UV laser marking machine

Power: 3W                                   Width: 80cm

Height: 85cm                              Weight: 150KG

Laser Marking Parameter
Laser : adopting metal RF source of access laser from USA
Adjustable Frequency: 30KHZ-150KHZ
Average Output Power: 3W
Laser Wavelength: 355nm

Galvanometer Parameter
Max.Processing Speed :7000mm/s
Repositioning accuracy:0.003mm
Best Resolution:0.001mm

Optical Output Characteristics
Source of Marking: F=100mm, 110x110mm
Height of Minimum Character:0.25mm
Minimum Line Width:0.015mm

System Property
System Power Supply: 200W/AC220V/50HZ
Lift Distance: 400mm
Working Environment: Temp~00C-500C,Humidity: 5%-90%




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